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 John Ace
    Shelley Vandiver Gill
     Jerry Mercer
    Jeff Schultz
 Phillip Albert
    Jacqui Glavinovich
    Ann Meyer
    David Schwantes
 Rose Albert
    Bill Hall & Pat Danly
    Phil Meyer, D.V.M.
    Dan Seavey
 Ron Aldrich
    Angela Orman Hansen
    Jack Morris, D.V.M
    Bob Sept, D.V.M.
 Irene Anderson
    Jim & Kay Hansen
    Barb Moore
    Mary Shields
 Myron Angstman
    Rosemary Hanrath
    Stuart Nelson Jr., D.V.M.
    Trudy (Anderson)
 Lavon Barve
    Peter Henning
    John Norman
 Greg Bill
    “Hobo Jim” Varsos
    Tony Oney
    Peg Stout
 Roxanne (Barron) Bowell
    Kyle Hopkins
    Dorothy Page
    Clarence Towarak
 Susan Bramstedt
    Tom Jensen
    Henry Peck
    Linda Towarak
 Don Brugman
    Diane Johnson
    Alan Perry
    Jim Uhl
 Jim Brown
    Tim Jones
    Rod Perry
    Bill Vaudrin
 Jim Brown Jr.
    DeeDee Jonrowe
    Edna Peters
    Moses Aksuq Wassilie
 Aaron Burmeister
    Dave Karp
    Bill Philbin
    Bernie Willis
 Richard Burmeister
    Ashley Kelly
    Joanne Potts
    Ethan Windahl
 Martin Buser
    Andy Klamser
    Alice Puster
    Jo Wood
 Karl Clauson
    Victoria “Sissy” Kotongan
    Donna Quante
    Lynn & Pete Wylie
 John Cooper
    Jeff King
    Pam Randles
 Dennis Corrington
    Albert Lewis
    Slim Randles
 Bill Crawford and family
    Brit Lively
    Leo & Erna Rasmussen
 Joe & Norma Delia
    Dick Mackey
    Joe Redington Sr.
 Bill Devine
    Bill MacKay
    Joee Redington
 Fran Durner
    Donna Gentry Massay
    Pam Redington
 Sue Firmin
    Joe May
    Libby Riddles
 Patty Friend
    Sandra May
    Craig Rieben
 Jack Frost
    John McDonald
    Don Rosevear
 Gail Galleher
    Peggy (Windahl) McFarland
   Terry Rosevear
 Joyce Galleher
    Jules Mead
    LaVerne (Dozette) Schafer

About the Old Iditarod Gang
This group of old friends is passionate about celebrating Alaska’s history and the Iditarod, and worked side-byside during the first decade of the Last Great Race®. Helping in all areas of the organization, they’ve donated their funds, time, and talents to serve as race officials, administrators, checkpoint volunteers, race coordinators, fundraisers, photographers, reporters, artists, pilots, promoters, mushers and more. They include: Al Crane, Jo Crane, Frank Flavin, Frank Gerjevic, Raine Hall Rawlins, Gail Phillips, Walt Phillips, Rob Stapleton, Jon Van Zyle, Jona Van Zyle, and Anne Patch Winters. As the call went out for contributions from others involved in the first decade, joining the team were writers Tim Jones, Joe May, Slim Randles, Shelley Gill, and Pam Randles and photographs by race photographers Jeff Schultz, Fran Durner and Jim Brown. With their contributions and dozens more from others who were there, what they created was a book of memories . . . and a book of thanks.


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